On Tuesday, viewing figures went into overdrive as ITV managed to pull in just shy of 24m viewers to witness the England football team pull off what can only be described as a miracle to beat Columbia in a dreaded penalty shoot-out. #COLENG. We now prepare for #SWEENG on Saturday afternoon, with viewing numbers set to soar again as the nation is gripped!

My earliest recollection of a World Cup as a young boy aged 10 was 1986 when Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ incident broke the nations hearts! It got me thinking – how would social media, had it existed in 1986, have reacted to such an incident? Surely a crescendo of #handofgod and some even fruitier hashtags would’ve ensued. I just about recall how the press handled it – he was public enemy number one, so todays social media would certainly have taken him to task!

England are currently ranked 12th in the FIFA world rankings. Sweden by the way are ranked 24th.   Our fans though make up for it and are certainly up there leading the way in terms of their following both in and out of the stadium across social channels. England is consistently one of the most well supported teams in the world no matter where in the world we play. On Social Media channels Twitter (3rd most followers) and Instagram we are up near the top again (6th best.) Cough, Cough… No sign of Sweden!

So in finishing, I don’t wish to be led by social media and allow it to blur my better judgement, but surely the England fans at this World Cup have played their part with incredible support that they surely deserve to see England ‘Bring it home.’ Just imagine the 2018 World Cup final infographic showing England as the Winner!! Go on, imagine….

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