So, its my turn to do the blog, my chance to shine, add some humour, make it pertinent, relevant and show us for what we aim to be in the recruitment world. I won’t lie, I don’t find these things easy, I am no writer so I will apologise for my post now, I’m sure its littered with grammatical errors, opportunities for wit and lacking perfect English, but I hope it strikes a chord.

Webpage after webpage, site after site, I’m sifting sites for ideas, something will stick out, rear its head and shout to me….hmmm, not really happening. Then, a title that caught my eye, ‘The photographer sucked into a whirlpool’. This looks relevant (err!), I thought, so I jumped in (no pun intended). As I read, I was more drawn into the story (jeez, not again, Nick). By the way, I’m currently in Cornwall looking after my Mother as my Father is away for the day and I’m with my 9 year old Son who I have had to take out of school for the day (I am working, Andrew!). And work is obviously very important, paying for clothes for Will and I, our food (he loves a meal out, reviewing each one), cinema and all the other usual expenditures. This is why blogs are important, they bring our world into everyone else’s, we share a story and reap the benefits. But, not this one….this one is about family, about friends involved, lives altered and a tiny bit about work. I used to surf a bit, like a little bit of photography and I have a sister, maybe these are the reasons for this hitting home. I also have friends that have pushed things and their talent a bit too far and maybe include myself on that list!! Or, maybe its just that it’s a fairly tragic tale, for whatever reason, it got to me.

I became a Dad about 9 and a half years ago and it changed my life forever, for the better. Not necessarily that I am much different, I can’t take much credit here! But it’s what he brings to the table, a great sense of humour, his energy and great attitude to life. Where did we find £900 a month for child care though, I never felt we ever had £900 left over…ever…so not quite all for the better then…! And, I am lucky enough to work in a great office of ‘grown up’ recruiters, Andrew, who started the business around 6 years ago, has a family, children and we share the same demands on time. I work from home 3 days a week, allowing me to see the boy more often, take him to school and do the odd pick up. I see him grow, laugh and help him when he needs me, and vice versa! All of this has probably softened me a bit and it does make you understand a bit more about the important bits in life.

Anyway, enough of my witterings and have a read of this family’s story, perhaps I’m being a bit soppy today but thanks Andrew for giving me the flexibility to work from home and do the things I need and want to do as well as having a career. Life can be short, work hard but don’t lose sight of the important things and get a job you like. I read a while back that 85% of people hate their jobs and yesterday I saw something suggesting that figure was 50% (there’s stats and there’s lies and in between is the truth, maybe). Find something you enjoy like Jacob did.

Sorry if you feel its not really a LinkedIn or even a blog post, I promise to get back on a more work related blog next time but before that, I may well take a drive down to Penzance this weekend.


PS please, do not mistake this post as me capitalising from a poor families losses. I extend my heart to them (however long ago it happened), I cried quite a lot too (will have to explain that to my son) and all I wanted was to cliché to you, live life to the fullest but be careful.

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