Really? This goes against (not all of the article, but most of it!) what I hear from many of my clients regarding PPC and the automation of, is automation really taking over now and how long do you think it will be before its fully automated?

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Having worked in and around digital marketing for some time now, I was surprised to read the views in this post. That’s not to say I don’t believe them but can AI really improve over the human touch? This article suggest it can, in most areas, which is not what I hear from my clients. And I fully expect that their clients are told that manual is the way forward. The blended approach is probably still the best option but is the pendulum swinging more and more in favour of automatic campaign solutions? To be fair, the article does suggest its many years before AI will be the only solution but is it really an 80/20 split in favour of the algorithm?

Why would you donate more and more time to working manually for your clients when AI will do it better, what do my contacts working manually have to say regarding this? Is this the start of the end for manual PPC and another march forward for AI, is the 80/20 split in this article fair?

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