So many meetings in a day can get tiresome. Sitting in a sweaty, cramped meeting room for hours on end is certainly not our idea of fun and can induce lethargy and be counter-productive.

Have you tried walking meetings? Richard Branson swears by them for a 5-10 minute chat on a single topic. In a recent article he talked about how he loves spending his meeting time walking around the canals of Little Venice, not only stretching his legs but utilising his time super efficiently. However, we don’t all live in London by beautiful stretches of canals and quite often for us folk here in the UK, the weather isn’t up to much, so trying to conduct a meeting in the howling wind and lashing rain is probably not the best way to utilise work time.

Also, who has ever attended a meeting that only lasts 5-10 minutes? 5 minutes gives you just about enough time to leave your desk and get down to the ground floor in the lift, which would give you just enough time to get back up to your desk to start work again. Meeting over in 10 minutes without having had a meeting at all.

So perhaps Richard’s theory in reality isn’t the answer.

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Walking meetings – the new trend fraught with danger


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