Ever evolving technology is having a vast impact on the world of eCommerce – it blows my mind how quickly tech improves, bear in mind I remember the days of Amstrad and having to open a book to look something up!

Fun Fact – on average we check our phone 150 times a day – ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY!
This is both ridiculous and very true – I tallied myself today and I came out an above average 176 times.

I like being anything but average, this is not a stat I am proud of.  It’s mainly subconscious but with both my children at school the necessity (urgency) is not there, it’s pure habit.

I would say 25% of those checks related to online shopping.  I work from home and online shopping for me is easy to control, reliable and choices are at my fingertips.

Not only is the tech evolving but so are the people who own the tech…. consumers are more confident and savvy ergo retailers are having to step up their game.

An article in Entrepreneur explained this well I thought;


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