Despite July and August being quieter months for recruitment, companies across the UK should be ready for a job hunter surge in September, as over half (57.1%) of workers reveal that they are more likely to consider a new job as the summer comes to an end.


In fact, according to data from CV-Library, September 2015 saw a 13.2% increase in candidates registering their CVs, while job applications also soared by 7.5%. The job site’s latest research, suggests that the jump is expected to happen again this year, as many workers look to explore new opportunities as a result of the typical post-summer-blues.

According to CV-Library’s research, 70.1% find it difficult to get back into a routine after a summer holiday, with nearly three quarters (72.3%) admitting that it takes one to two days to adjust to work post-holiday. Other key findings from the study of over 2,200 UK workers include:

  • Over half (55.8%) think that workplace morale drops as the summer comes to an end
  • …and 86.9% said it’s an employer’s responsibility to keep morale up
  • BUT, 79.4% stated that their employer does not make allowances for post-summer blues

The research found that workers find the following factors most difficult about returning to work after a summer break: getting up early (28.4%), getting back into a routine (25.1%), catching up on work (17.9%), catching up on emails (10.9%), staying motivated (8.5%) and dealing with work stress (5.8%).


‘Post summer blues expected to create job-hunter surge’ (, August 2016, Lee Biggins

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