The results are in, Londoners are officially working 100 hours more per year than anyone else in the UK. That’s over 3 weeks extra per year of work, based on an average of 33 hours per week. That’s crazy!


London has a young demographic, with a higher cost of living and concentration of ‘higher skilled’ work, all of which creates a culture of longer working hours. Londoners also face a longer commute to work, with the average being 75 minutes of travelling a day, meaning commuters work longer to make up the cost and time of travelling.

In essence it’s a hamster wheel effect. Londoners are working longer hours to keep up with their cost of living and travel time, but how much more do they have to earn to make the 100 additional hours viable? It seems as though there isn’t an option and the older the younger demographic get, and the further away from London they move, the issue can only get worse, surely?

“Working longer hours has been linked to deteriorating physical and mental health.

Long hours and stressful working conditions “have created a toxic burden on Londoners” argues Sian Berry, who represents the Green Party on the London Assembly.

“It impacts on the time you spend on taking care of yourself,” she added.”

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Article: ‘Londoners work ‘100 hours a year more than rest of the UK’, (, Sam Francis & Daniel Wainwright, April 2017

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