Spring has finally sprung. Daylight saving is upon us – clocks have gone forward, the evenings are lighter and we’re gaining an extra 2 minutes of daylight every day. What a difference it makes, heading home from the office in the daylight (even the sunshine!).

What are you planning to do with the extra daylight hours? Beer garden? Exercise? Perhaps just enjoying getting some Vitamin D in your garden? Apparently not… us Brits tend to work more now than we do in the Winter months, clocking up an average of an extra two hours a day. That’s a whole extra day a week. That’s ridiculous.

According to this survey of 1000 people (in the article below), when it’s lighter later, we’re more reluctant to leave work than if it was a dark winters evening. Almost half of respondents made reference to the darker mornings and how much harder it is to get out of bed. Over a third of those surveyed were not in favour of daylight saving at all, for a variety of reasons.

Here at Purple Monkey Recruitment, we think it’s important to clock off when your day is done and actually go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather whilst it lasts. So go on, crack open a bottle and put your feet up.

Read the article here:

Survey Finds the Average Brit Works an Extra 2 Hours a Day When the Clocks Go Forward

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