Ever wondered what goes on on the internet at any given time? Take a look at this graphic. It’s pretty mind blowing…

Comparing this to previous years 2017 & 2016. It is clear to see the changing ways the internet is being used. With the addition of key parts such as from 2017 including the Voice-First Devices Shipped. As well as the loss of once major uses of the internet such as Vine.

One of the main patterns that can be identified is the vast growth of how much the internet is being used.

Take Netflix for example – in 2016, 69,444 hours where watched every minute. Compare this to 2018, and this number has more than tripled to 266,000 hours being watched every minute, a 283% increase!

Snapchat another one, in 2017 1.8 million snaps were created every minute. Now in 2018 that number has increased by 33% to 2.4 million snaps a minute!

Another noticeable change is that older technology is appearing to be dropping off. This can be seen by the growth of using text messaging having grown by only 12% over the past year compared to the other more modern technologies which are growing at a much more considerable rate.


I wonder what will be different in 2019’s internet minute…

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