A well structured, user friendly eCommerce interface is vital for any online business to increase conversion rates and boost sales. Spending time doing extensive research and testing is vital in order to appeal to consumers. We’re certainly not here to try and teach grandmother how to suck eggs, but we do know, it’s imperative to get it right to reap the rewards.


There are many elements involved in getting a first rate eCommerce platform that customers can rely on and trust – from the basics; functionality and accessibility, through to having the right content and imagery. It’s all about ease of use for consumers without losing your brand identity and professionalism in the process.

This article below shares ways in which your can improve your eCommerce website and online presence to ultimately maximise revenue and increase conversion rates.

“Don’t complicate things unnecessarily.

There are thousands of answers and opinions. Start with keeping it simple; don’t make the visitor think. First, identify your goal. Make sure important content and the major call-to-action are visible and above the fold. Don’t complicate things or ask for more information than you really need.”

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‘Seven effective ways to increase eCommerce conversion rates’, (forbes.com), Forbes Communication Council, May 2017

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