When do you do your online shopping? It was no surprise to hear that 61% of all eCommerce traffic in the UK is generated around 3am at the weekend. Whilst it sounds ridiculous to many, those of who have kids that don’t like sleeping, often find themselves perusing the virtual aisles at stupid’o’clock just to pass some time and of course to get a few more ticks on that to-do list.

Of course, it’s not just the shoppers with kids that find themselves emptying their bank accounts in the wee hours, perhaps the shopping is down to an intake of the alcoholic variety? Whatever your reason for shopping on your mobile device at such an absurd time, the numbers speak for themselves. Between the hours of midnight and 6am at the weekends, mobile traffic remains high, so this means more needs to be done to make the eCommerce checkout process simple and easy for those tired eyes. Who wants complicated and long at 3am? It has to be quick and easy!


“According to Chris Harle, CEO of PCA Predict, such mobile behaviour further emphasises the need for mobile marketers to ensure their eCommerce checkout procedures are easy to use on a small screen. Furthermore, Harle says that “UK consumers shopping so early on their mobiles at weekends they are probably quite tired, meaning it’s more likely they’ll make a mistake when manually entering their delivery details from their smartphone” – even more reason to ensure an efficient, short and easy to use (even when half-asleep) checkout process.”

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Article: ‘Don’t forget sleepy mobile shoppers, warns research’, (bizreport.com), Helen Leggatt, May 2017

Image credit: bizreport.com

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