Shoppers are increasingly getting put off shopping in-store and opting for online shopping instead. Why is this? Well obviously there’s the ease of being able to shop from the comfort of your own sofa, but expectations are changing. Lack of product knowledge from staff is a contributing factor  and add to that, queues and waiting on sales associates to assist are also a real bug-bear for many consumers.

A combination of these factors are leading customers to expect more from their in-store shopping experience. They expect sales associates to offer the knowledge and expertise on the products they’re about to purchase – giving them the added value they may not necessarily get from shopping online.

“Over half (55%) of shoppers know exactly what item they want to buy by the time they arrive in a shop, with many put off by staff that lack product knowledge, due to the rise in online research, according to a new report.”

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Article and image: ‘Growth of ecommerce changing in-store shoppers expectations’, (, May 2017

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