How inclusive and accessible is your website for consumers? You may think you tick all the boxes, but potentially the power of your website may not be getting through. With so many users experiencing eyesight problems, colour blindness and other issues that may affect the way they see and read things, it’s hard to ensure your website is catering for everyone.

The article below touches on some interesting simple elements of website accessibility, that can be implemented easily if you’ve not already done so.

“When it comes to accessibility and web design, you’d think it would be a matter of hand in glove.

After all, in the UK there are 2.7 million colour-blind people and 70% of the UK population wearing glasses. On top of this, 1 in 30 suffer with sight loss, and 10% of the UK population has dyslexia (4% with severe cases).

Unfortunately, however, this romantic notion of inclusivity just doesn’t reflect reality as a shocking amount of websites today aren’t built with their accessibility in mind.”

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Article: ‘Is your website accessible? Five steps to start now’, (, Greg Dorward, May 2017


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