Would you say you you’re addicted to your gadgets and technology? A recent survey has shown that the average Brit will use their gadgets every 16 minutes – ranging from smartphone and tablet usage, to using Fitbits and other types of activity trackers. That seems rather a lot of usage, but we’re all guilty of it. Quite often we’re reaching for our smartphones and tablets and browsing social media or our favourite online shop before we’ve even realised what we’re doing.

1,000 British people were surveyed and these were some of the findings from the report:

  • “Smartphones were the gadget most used by Brits, by a long stretch, being used on average 47 times a day, or every 20.4 minutes.
  • Tablets followed, being used 13 times each day and it is 18-24 year olds who have the heaviest gadget habits, reaching for technology every 7.7 minutes, every single day
  • Smartphones were relied upon the most by a long way, and are used 47 times – or every 20.4 minutes – per day.

Tablets fell into second place, and are used 13 times each day – or every 1 hour 13 minutes. Activity trackers such as Fitbits, MP3 players and vapes were used less frequently but still every day by  those who use these gadgets. On average, owners of these devices reached for the former two devices 3 times per day and the latter twice per day.”


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Article source: ecommerceweek.co.uk

Image source: Pixabay

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