Over the last 2 years the use of the phrase Digital Transformation has increased significantly however I’m pretty sure most people who are using this phrase aren’t too sure what it means and most importantly what it means to their business.

Put ‘Digital Transformation’ into Google and the top definition provided by Wikipedia states that ‘Digital Transformation (DT) is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society’.  Could this be much broader?!

Now I love working in the digital/ecomm space and the reason for that is that tech is ever changing, consumer behaviour is constantly evolving and success and failure can be so closely measured and quantified.  My point being that from the very early days of Ecommerce and selling stuff online has there ever been a point where digital hasn’t been transforming, evolving, improving just to keep pace with consumer desire for new experiences?

digital transformation

So what’s new?  Well just this week Google launch a scarily good AI powered voice assistant.  You mean I no longer need to call the barbers to make an appointment?  (I’m bald!).  Not really new tech but certainly a lot better than the awful robot esq cold calls we have all become accustomed to hanging up on.  How will this new tech integrate with Ecommerce?  We shall see soon enough I am sure.  My point being that it is hugely exciting to see new developments launch and then filter their way into normal day to day life and ultimately providing us consumers with a better and more engaging customer experience.

So where is this ‘Digital Transformation’ phrase coming from?  Well for me it isn’t about new tech, it isn’t about changing the way we as humans engage digitally, it is about the rapid rise of D2C, Fintech, MedTech and any other classically non-digital business who are upping their online game.

Let’s take D2C for example.  We as an ecommerce recruitment agency have seen over the last 2 years a significant shift in our client base from classic retail to B2B, Manufacturing, distribution.  Businesses who have seen their margins squeezed via online and have decided to go direct to consumers themselves.  A bit of a no brainer really.  Speaking earlier to a Marketplace consultant they quoted that 42% of online sales can now be accounted for via 3rd part channels (16% Amazon, 8% Ebay Market share in UK 2016)…

So here is the problem.  We now not only have the classic consumer businesses trying to attract quality digital/ecommerce talent but add to this 90% of businesses with either a product or end consumer service to sell you can start to see the problem.  The talent pool is thinning daily, new tech is compounding this so what is the solution?  Digital Transformation, create a buzz, a level of interest to attract great candidates into businesses with the promise that you can actually do something rather than sit on a platform and make small tweaks here and there, yawn!

Yesterday I posted that my network of consultants on LinkedIn has increased to over 20% – that is 1,000 people in digital/ecommerce who are working more flexibly, getting involved in project based work and further fuelling this transformational market.

You may think I am being a little sceptical, negative in fact about the whole Digital Transformation piece, I’m not.  I go back to point that I got into this industry because it is ever changing, fast moving and at the forefront of consumer behaviour – I studied Psychology!  Demand for digital talent is increasing daily, there is a shift to interim/contract and we are moving to mirror this.  Evolve of die and long live the digital revolution!

Want to discuss your interim requirements whether that be to improve marketplace sales or for a full scale Digital Transformation, drop me a line on 01458 555 027 or email andrew@purplemonkeyrecruitment.co.uk

Andrew Finn, Managing Director

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