We all love a staff benefit or a perk of the job, but what does this have to involve? Does splashing lots of cash on away days and nights out float your boat? Or would you prefer a more simplistic approach to the staff benefits scheme? There’s a perception amongst employers that they have to spend a fortune to keep their staff happy but this quite simply isn’t the case. Employees would rather an early finish on their birthday’s, flexible hours when necessary and the possibility of duvet days. All very basic and achievable requests.

The article below, based on a survey of 2000 full-time workers shows what the ‘Average Joe’ is looking for in terms of staff incentive.

“New research from Paymentsense shows that it’s not the expensive perks that employees actually want. The research, conducted on 2,000 full time office workers, from across the UK, shows that the main perks that staff want are an early finish on a Friday, flexible hours and a free day off here and there, either for birthday, duvet day or moving day.”

Read the full article here:

Don’t Spend a Fortune – Staff Want Early Finish Fridays and Flexible Hours



‘Don’t spend a fortune – staff want early finish Fridays and flexible hours’, (recruitmentbuzz.co.uk), Mark Powney, June 2017

Image: Recruitmentbuzz.co.uk

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