Ensuring your employee feels valued and appreciated should be a top priority for any boss. Ultimately, as well as making your member of staff happy and feel wanted, it will benefit you, as you will get the most out of your workers. It will make for a happier and more productive environment for all.

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Here are some of our top tips to ensuring your employees always feel valued:

Manners go a long way

A simple please and thank you when talking to your employees can make the difference and transform the tone of any conversation, changing an order into a question. It shows acknowledgment they’re doing a good job and they’re just like you and not there to be ordered about.

Be sociable

Organise some fun things for the team to do together. It doesn’t have to be every week or month, but every now and again, taking your employees out will give them something to look forward to and also help to build team rapport.

Treat them

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but the small treats can go a long way. Could you bring coffee in for them one morning a week, or would some Friday afternoon office drinks go down better? Whatever it is, find a way of treating them in a low cost way.

Bonus points

Although money is certainly not the key to showing staff appreciation, it can help! An annual bonus, even a gesture (whatever you’re able to afford) will go a long way to showing your staff you appreciate the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

Progression Plans

It’s always good to see where your hard work is heading and how what you’re doing is paying off, therefore, it’s handy for employees to have a plan to work towards. A clear strategy to advancing their career and hitting targets along the way will motivate them to go above and beyond.

Shout about it

When your team or an individual has done something exceptional, shout about it! Set up a weekly or monthly email where you talk about people’s achievements and outline what they have done or run an awards session and get other employees to vote.

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