Finding top talent is often a hard, pain-staking process, with the skilled individuals being snapped up very quickly by some of the top rated employers within the UK. Employees can be overly cautious about making a move, especially if they’re working for a large, stable company. So how do you position yourself and sell your company as a great one? How do you encourage those strong candidates to join your organisation? Simple… you need to be proactive in your approach to finding the right people and constantly be seeking ways to better your employer proposition.


Here’s how you can achieve it:

Write a first rate job ad

A good ad can be key to finding the right employee. Keep it on brand and to the point. Sell the company in the copy, highlighting any benefits attached to the role.

Social media

You’re able to create a tailored social media presence, something that can really portray the brand and give a prospective employee a real insight into how the company operates and what you’re like to work for.


What makes you stand out from the crowd? Is it the working environment? You know, the one with the slide leading to reception, or the office with the sleep pods in the break out area? These are all quirky propositions a candidate would be attracted to. Do you have a quick progression ladder? Or is the candidate required to travel to other parts of the world to carry out their role? Work out what your USP is and make sure you communicate this with prospective employees.

Be a brand advocate

Show your passion and enthusiasm for the brand when talking to anyone about the company you work for, especially potential candidates. Prospective employees will be looking for that connection, not only with the brand, but with yourself as an employer. What makes your company great? Shout about the good things the company have done and are doing in the future, whether that be hitting performance targets or expanding teams.


Do you offer any perks to employees? This can often be the deciding factor when choosing a new role over another. Do you offer employees free snacks or drinks? Do you have an on-site gym employees are able to use in their breaks? Do you have a dress down Friday? Can employees take duvet days within their holiday allowance? However small you think the perks are, they could be just what the candidate is looking for!



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