It may seem a bit ‘old hat’ but most companies still require you to put your resignation in writing, in order to keep it on file. We’ve put together some tips for writing a resignation letter:

  • Keep it formal – this is not the forum to air your grievances, it needs to be kept professional
  • Short and sweet – there is no need for lengthy explanations, keep it simple
  • Make it relevant to your contract – outline the length of your notice period


Format of letter:

Format your resignation letter as you would any other formal letter.

  • Date
  • Dear [Manager]
  • Notify them of your intention to resign from your current post [outline what current role is]
  • Refer to contract and how many weeks’ notice you will be working, as well as your last day of work for the company, if known
  • Highlight why you have enjoyed working for the company
  • Thank your line manager for their support
  • Politely sign off
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