Don’t say it’s never crossed your mind… a quick 40 winks, no-one will notice… We’ve all had those thoughts at one point or another. Late night out on the town, baby’s kept you up all night? Whatever the reason, we all need to recharge our batteries now and again and why shouldn’t work be the place to do it, especially if there’s a nice cosy sofa, out of view of anyone else in the office!

Why is napping at work so frowned upon? Falling asleep in a big meeting is not ideal, but having a quick snooze in your lunch hour should be encouraged, especially if it means increased productivity. Companies around the world are clocking on to this idea and not only encouraging their employees to have a power nap, but providing the facilities to do so.

This article on tells us all about the benefits of napping on the job. Read more here.

The Benefits of Napping at Work


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