Research conducted for a leading workwear company has shown that 77% of recruiters would be less likely to hire somebody if the person turned up to an interview inappropriately dressed.


Of this number, 22% said they had already overlooked a candidate based on their appearance.

The study, which polled 2,000 people, underlined the point that the majority of employers expect interviewees to dress in a way that befits the company’s own policies.

In an increasingly competitive jobs market, it’s imperative that candidates do their research before heading to a job interview, as wearing the wrong clothes can demonstrate that you aren’t aware of, or don’t understand, the company’s values.

Further findings from the survey showed:

  • 37% of managers have overlooked someone for a promotion or pay rise because they consistently flout the dress code
  • 73% of respondents said they can gauge a person’s attitude towards their job based on how they are dressed
  • 66% of bosses believe they can measure someone’s job performance based on their choice of clothes

Many companies have relaxed their workwear policies in recent years, with the research revealing that only one in four workers now label their employer’s dress code as “smart”, while a further 5% described their dress code as “very smart”.

36% confirmed that their employer had introduced a “smart casual” workwear policy, and 15% said their company had gone completely casual.



‘77% of recruiters wouldn’t hire someone because of the way they are dressed’, (, Chris McColgan, October 2016

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