Having moved from London to the South West in 2012 I landed in Somerset with a negative impression of what the region had to offer digitally compared to London and the South East.  Coming out of a role focusing on senior digital and ecommerce appointments in London I suppose this was inevitable.

I quickly started to understand that in 2012 the SW was a real mixed bag of rapid growth businesses that had and were investing heavily in online, Screwfix being a great example and others who really were way behind the curve.  I remember speaking to one client in South Devon who wanted to hire a Digital Marketing Manager with c5 years experience for £25k!!!  I despaired.

Back then I never dreamt to start networking in Cornwall.  Too far away, couldn’t see many businesses who were serious about digital/ecommerce and more importantly who would consider moving to Cornwall who was serious about their career in digital/ecommerce.

Jump forward 6 years and how those perceptions have changed.  Only last year a report published by Tech Nation established that the Technology industry contributed £39m to the Cornish economy and created 22 start up business in a 12 month period however I suspect this to be significantly higher.  With investment in innovation centres like the one in Pool the region is clearly committed to digital growth.

But why would you relocate to Cornwall if you are serious about your career in digital?  Now before I get lynched by locals I am fully aware of the great talent that are born and bred in the county, those that have been the driving force behind digital in Cornwall.  However, for a region to seriously develop it must be attractive to talent from elsewhere.

Of course you may want to relocate for the miles of beautiful coastline, the countryside or to surf after work everyday but to continue on the upward career curve you want to be relocating knowing there are options, opportunities, competition, investment and most importantly ambition.

I have seen an article recently claiming Cornwall to be Britain’s version of Silicon Valley, ummmm – maybe a step too far however the diversity of tech and digital businesses in the county has grown significantly in recent years as has the success of the region.  Cornwall came second only to Southampton in terms of turnover growth in digital.

As a business we made our first placements in the county at the end of 2017.  Everest Media, an innovative development and digital marketing agency needed a digital lead, we started off with one role and they hired three people!  Business owners who have a vision and understand you need great talent to get you there.  We expect that in 2018/19 Cornwall become a significant part of our business with some very exciting new clients coming on board…

In Cornwall the average wage is £17,340 – for digital and tech talent in the area this is £34,367 almost double the average for the county.  Still lower than the UK average for digital but if you consider the difference in cost of living (See a study we conducted in December 2016 comparing the cost of living difference between London and Plymouth)  the real world earnings can be significantly higher.

So it is good news for Cornwall and digital and this is reflected across Devon and Somerset too.  A great time to consider relocating to the area or perhaps opening your next office in Newquay?

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