LinkedIn is now thought to be one of the, if not, the most important professional job searching tools about, so it’s vital your profile is reaching its full potential. Here at Purple Monkey Towers, we use LinkedIn a lot to find the right candidates for our jobs, so we want to share our wisdom with you, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your professional profile. Here’s our top tips to how you can boost your LinkedIn profile.

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Start with the basics; headline, personal summary and profile photo. This should take you a total of 5/10 minutes to populate, but could mean the difference between recruiters taking notice of your profile or scrolling straight past you and not giving you a second glance.


Headline: you need to make your headline as searchable as possible and to the point. Remember, there’s a character limit when using the search facility, so only a small proportion of your headline will appear.


Profile picture: this is highly recommended. It doesn’t have to be a professional shot, with perfect lighting and bright white teeth, it needs to be an area of reference for anyone looking at your profile. We all know it’s good to put a face to a name!


Personal summary: use this as you would a personal summary on your CV. Sell yourself to anyone looking at your profile. What do you do? What are your main skills and expertise? Make the reader want to read more about you!


Career experience: list out all your roles; include a short blurb about the company (if it’s not immediately obvious who they are and what they do), job titles, dates and most importantly, include details of your key areas of responsibility within each position.


Skills: adding skills to your profile will increase your chances of appearing in searches. It’s crucial you include all skills, as you would in a CV.


Education and qualifications: highlight your education and qualifications (including where they were achieved), and any professional bodies or memberships you may be a part of.


Recommendations: getting recommendations from previous employers/colleagues is a good way to enhance your profile. It’s a chance for you to show what others think of your skills.


Build your network: it’s thought that a minimum of 50 connections are needed to start building a successful profile. Utilise your physical network; friends, colleagues, ex colleagues etc. Keep any connection requests personal where possible.


Join groups and company pages: always wanted to work for a certain company? Join their group on LinkedIn and keep up-to-date with their jobs and news. Likewise, joining groups will help keep you informed on industry news and could also give you the opportunity to expand your network.


Friends and social connections connection

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